Raising a 3 year old girl…

Okay, I’ve heard a lot of different kind of stories from different type of mothers on how they raise their kids, especially that of a toddler.

Here is Z–my daughter.


She’s 3, but a lot will say she looks like 4 or a 5 year old kid. Probably because she’s taller for her age, the way she dress and the way she talks. I can tell that she’s kinda mature for a 3 year old girl.

Here’s my dilemma, she wanted to do most of the things by herself…and she’s just 3. I’m not sure if most of the kids her age is the same as her because I’ve heard of stories that their kids are pretty much lazy to do stuff by themselves even at the age of 5. Z wants to lend a hand whenever I do stuff in the house. She’ll ask me if I needed help and she will say that she wants to help. She chooses the clothes that she wants to wear, do things that are not yet suitable to do for her age. Kinda independent already for a little girl that she is. It’s good right? But sometimes I can’t handle her frustrations when she can’t do what she wants to do and I wont let her. I’ll tell her she’s still a baby and she can’t do those until she’s old enough. She’ll nag me by saying, “I’m a big girl already!”. I talked with my friends who has kids that are almost the same age as Z and I can tell that she’s really not your typical 3 year old girl. Most of my friends will say that their daughters will do the things that they like but not the same like Z. Yes, I admit I am one of the reason why she is the way she is. Sometimes I’ll question myself if I’m doing it right. Hey, don’t blame, I’m a first time Mom. Of course I want her to be independent, but I guess I reiterate that to her too early. I wanted to make sure I don’t commit the same mistakes like of those who surrounds me. Seeing some Mothers raised their own, I get a glimpse on the things I think they are not so right in doing. That is because I see the outcome later on. But then I get to realize that someone is not the way he/she is because that’s how he/she was raised. They get to decide by themselves at the right time on the right age.


Z is the sweetest girl in the world. I have never seen someone her age that asks you everytime if your okay. Seriously. She always ask me or her dad at any time of the day– “Mom/Dad are you okay?”. I grew up without my Mom beside me, she went on the other side of the country when I was 1 and she died when I was 6. We never saw each other during those years that she’s alive. I grew up with most of my Aunts and Uncles around me. I believe it’s still different growing up with your own Mother, but I think I turned out fine.

Z is the love of our life that’s why I endeavor to do the right things with her and I’m hoping that everything will turn out okay. (“,)

“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop our story.”

…one of my favorite from Mozzie’s quotes.


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