Loquacious Souls

“So? So what if the heartache you wrote last year isn’t what you’re feeling today. It may be exactly what the person in the front row is feeling. What you’re feeling now, and the person you may reach with your words five years from now-that’s why you write poetry.”

“Slammed” by Hoover, Colleen

Heartache or not, poetry or not, it’s the power of words that tangled us all.

Oh hello there! I haven’t mention about finding a very interesting group of people in twitterdom.

Eventually, I became so attached and it’s kinda hard to resists their charm. I swear my life has changed since then.;)
Their works are very inspiring to me. I finally find some courage to put down my thoughts into writing because of them. I refer to them as the “Loquacious Souls” wandering around twitterdom since we are too far apart; I never get to see them but I feel their words that has come from their hearts. I’m glad to know they appreciate me too.

BTW. I met them first before all my posts here.

I am more than lucky to know them. They are all amazing. Check them out.

Darwin Blake

The Poems, Prose and Musings of Mr Darwin Blake…

P J Bayliss

Erotica Writing & Poetry


Words touch hearts.

b.l. ronan

the sacred road
18+ for mature content! Smile! You’re at the best WordPress.com site ever!

Kat Bastion

Talk To The Shoe
Musings of award-winning paranormal romance writer

D.E. Brooks

The Red Velvet Chair
This WordPress.com site is the cat’s pajamas 18+ recommended


Heavenlyhaven1808’s blog
I wake with good intentions

Penelope Jones

A little Nice, and a whole lot of Naughty going on.

Joan Gillen

The Adventures Of Pink Bonnet Girl
My Life My Ramblings My Bliss



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