I was nominated for a Liebster Blog Award…


I want to thank the lovely Deidre for including me on her lists of nominees –> follow her on twitter @laDEEda51 and check out her blog.  She’s one of the loquacious souls I admire, someone I look up to. 

I have seen this on some people’s page but I don’t really know what it is until now.  So in order for you to accept and post the badge on your blog, here are the rules:

  • When one receives the award, one posts 11 random facts about oneself and answers the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (while making sure one notifies the blogger that one nominated them!)
  • One writes up 11 NEW questions directed towards YOUR nominees.
  • One is not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated one’s own blog!
  • One pastes the award picture into ones blog. (You can google the image, there are plenty of them!)

So here’s my 11 Facts:

  • I was motivated to right poetry because of the Tweeps that I met in Twitterdom.  I owe this to them. 😉
  • My husband is my first boyfriend, my first everything so lucky him… and hopefully not the first to break my heart.
  • I have “uterine didelphys”, meaning I have 2 uterus but it doesn’t mean there’s a big percentage of having a twin, in fact it’s hard for me to conceive.  Is that an over-share? *shrug*
  • I’m a bit of an OC. yes.
  • I have a 3 year old daughter who always love to roll her eyes on me.
  • I love my life on Twitter and I love my Tweeps, I got too attached to them.
  • I’m a frustrated photographer.
  • I love books, coffee and tea.
  • I love Hello Kitty.
  • I dream to travel a lot of different places someday.  Who doesn’t?
  • My husband and I are totally complete opposite–I’m the adventurous type, he is an introvert.

Here are the questions that D prepared for her nominees:

1. What is the piece of work you’ve written that is closest to your heart?

I am happy and proud to all my pieces, and I’m glad that people appreciate it.  However there were 2, that are very close to my heart.

Without you & Bad dream as I wrote this in memory of my dearest friend who just passed away.

2. Who has been your greatest inspiration with your writing, why?

I hope you don’t mind, take a glimpse on the link, and you’ll know who they are… Loquacious Souls <–they inspired me big time.

3. What is your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is to lose the people I love, either from death, from parting or simply they just wanted out of your life.

4. What is your greatest ambition?

My ambition in life is to keep my family happy.  I also hope to be the best person for my daughter.  The best Mom, the best friend, critic and adviser  for her.

5. Which author, alive or deceased, would you most like to meet and why?

Oh, something impossible it is, I would like to meet Sylvain Reynard the author of Gabriel’s Inferno/Gabriel’s Rapture to personally thank him for sharing his work of art to the world.  I have learned so much on his novels, and I gain lovely people in my life right now.  His words are truly heartwarming and I endeavor to spread and share it to others.

6. Dinner for 5, you get to invite (and they show) any 4 people you want (alive or deceased-relax, they won’t be zombies there to eat you). Who do you invite?

  • My mom who’s already deceased.
  • My best friend who just passed away recently.
  • My Dad–I haven’t seen for almost 4 yrs now who lives in Maryland
  • Lauren Thomson–my adopted/acting mom who lives in Melbourne (–,)

7. What is your favorite meal (home-cooked or out)? And if out, please share where!

Home cooked since I love cooking.  I’m good in following recipes and improvising at the same time.

8. Do you write to music playing? If so, what is your most played artist?

Coldplay is one of my played artist because I love their songs that always reflect reality.  That hits inspiration to me.

9. What has been a favorite vacation?

Our stay in Hongkong, I love the climate and the environment.  I love everything about HKG except the language barrier. Ugh! Need to master my mandarin.

10. If you could live the life of a character in any book, what would that character and book be?

I will definitely be Julianne from Gabriel’s Inferno, I will never change a thing with the story.  I am such a hopeless romantic.  The fact that she is happy and loved–that is enough for me.

Here are my 11 nominees:

  1. Darwin Blake
  2. P J Bayliss
  3. iMinstrel
  4. b.l.ronan
  5. Kat Bastion
  6. heavenly1808
  7. Penelope Jones
  8. Joan Gillen
  9. Sal
  10. mirabella
  11. Christian Lance

Follow their blogs because they are AWESOME!

My 11 questions:

  1. Who is the most important person in your life right now? (Alive)
  2. Where do you wish to be when you reach 60 years old? (Place)
  3. Who do you wish to be if you are a cartoon character?
  4. Ironman or Spiderman?
  5. Coke or Pepsi?
  6. What is your major goal in life?
  7. Say one thing where you ever said to yourself “if only…”
  8. Say one thing where you ever said to yourself “what if…”
  9. One certain place you would love to see before your time ends in this world. (probably something far from where you are right now)
  10. Single or married or divorced? (no further explanation)
  11. When is the best time for you to write your piece?

Thank you so much for taking some time to answer, those questions are just all out of my random curiosity.

#mwaahugs everyone!


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